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"I know how important it is to have your own sound on your recording. Voice, guitar, drums, piano, sax, … you know your instrument inside out and have spent years of finetuning your particular sound. That is what you want to hear when you listen to your recordings. 

I believe it is my job to make sure you get exactly that. For each and every recording, we go for that feel and groove you can only get through live recording. It is the main idea behind our studio, and the entire concept of Studio Fandango has been built around it." 



Single, ep or full CD

We like to get everything perfect. So before recording, we want to get into your head to find out where it is exactly you want to go with your music. We discuss the approach, pick the rights instruments and amps, choose studio artists if needed, select the mics and the way of recording. When everything is well prepared and organized, 8 days will get us a long way to record a full CD. Mastering is another business, so we work with a specialized mastering studio that does this part to perfection. 

Partial recordings

Instruments like drums need expertise to record. You need the right space, the right mics, the right preamps. You can come to our studio with your guide track, do these recordings here and then take your separate or mixed tracks with you to finish.


Some musicians record in a home studio and meet the limits of its possibilities. Others have the tracks of a live gig which need mixing to enhance them. Bring them to our studio for mixing, it will bring the whole to the next level.


When a singer-songwriter walks in with an exact idea of what he wants, I am there to deliver the expected result. As producer, I can also guide you through the process of bringing the idea for a song to a full arrangement. 

Studio musicians

We have built an extensive network of colleague artists over the years. So whatever the instrument or genre, we make sure we have the right artists to work with to get the best result.


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